I started photography at the age of 13 when I got my first own camera for christmas: A used Voigtländer Vito CLR. Things got serious pretty soon after, I got involved in the photography club at school, learned to develop and enlarge films myself. Around 2006 I eventually got into digital photography (which was probably inevitable at that time) and almost abandoned film photography for a while.

This step on the other hand allowed me to venture into a new territory which was not available to me before: Panorama photography. Shooting a number of digital images and stitching them later made it easy to take wide images. Since I lived in Iceland at that time, the landscape only supported this.

Over the years and with the advancement of the digital technology (and the death of a lot of companies connected to analogue photography) interest into analogue film camera waned (and prices dropped) so I could get a few of these cameras. The only thing missing was a proper place to present these images, a problem now solved.

I intend to show my panoramic images (and I have quite a few of them in stock), both taken with analogue and digital cameras. At the moment I also plan to write an article about panorama photography every now and then, I will see, how this evolves.

All images shown on this pages unless explicitly stated otherwise are my own, so if you want to use them for some reason, please contact me before.